Out of all of the crazy food trends that have gained popularity throughout the past year, this one quite literally takes the cake. This American version of the Japanese dessert mizu shingen mochi has been gaining publicity lately, after being released at Smorgasburg just a few days ago.

raindrop cake

Photo courtesy of @tooomuchfoood on Instagram

The main ingredients in this raindrop cake include mineral water and a vegan gelatin called Agar Agar. Since the cake itself is flavorless, it is typically paired with soybean flour and sugar syrup. Just in case you haven’t had the chance to try the raindrop cake, here are 7 other things you could eat that would have a similar effect on your taste buds:

1. Water

raindrop cake

Photo courtesy of Enid Martindale on flickr.com

Considering that water is one of the only two ingredients found in this so-called “cake,” you might as well save yourself the time and aggravation and drink a normal glass of water instead. If you’re feeling up to it, stay true to the nature of the raindrop cake and drink mineral water.

2. Jell-O

raindrop cake

Photo by Shannon Corcoran

If you desire something a little more substantial than water, go with the only other ingredient in this dessert and whip up some gelatin or the vegan alternative, Agar Agar. Feeling a little rebellious? Choose a colorful, fruity flavored Jell-O or even Jell-O shots! I hear some people like their food to actually have a taste. #shocking

3. A Saline Breast Implant

raindrop cake

Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

This one may be a little controversial because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA yet, but it bears a striking resemblance to the raindrop cake. If I’m being honest here, someone could plop a C-cup implant on my plate with a little sugar syrup and soybean flour on the side and I can’t guarantee I’d notice the difference.

#SpoonTip: Keep this idea in mind for next April Fools’ Day if this ridiculous trend isn’t over already.

4. Mike Wazowski’s Contact Lens from Monster’s Inc.

raindrop cake

Photo courtesy of dailydisneyphoto.com

This isn’t a food either. In fact, this item does not even exist in the real world. But, it looks like the raindrop cake, and if we’re going to start calling a ball of water “cake,” then I figured I would just throw around another foolish idea. Haven’t seen Monster’s Inc. yet? Well, check it out because you’re missing out on one of the greatest creations of all time. I wish I could say the same about this raindrop cake, but sadly I’d rather eat Mike’s giant contact lens.

5. Petroleum Jelly

raindrop cake

Photo courtesy of Prateek Bahl on flickr.com

I’ve never intentionally eaten petroleum jelly before, but I can imagine a scoop straight from a tub of Vaseline would have a similar consistency as the raindrop cake. Also, petroleum jelly is good for your skin and helps heal wounds faster, unlike the raindrop cake which has almost no nutritional value whatsoever. Check out this article for a list of foods that will help clear your skin just in case you’re not into eating cosmetic products.

6. Jellyfish

raindrop cake

Photo courtesy of osseous from Flickr.com

This is another type of jelly that can be mistaken for the raindrop cake. If you haven’t caught on already, it’s starting to seem like this cake isn’t very “cake-like” at all. Although this dessert only recently became trendy, I feel like I’ve seen it washed up on the beach a few times before. Seriously though, people really do eat jellyfish and it’s apparently quite delicious; especially when paired with rice and sesame oil.

7. An Actual Cake

raindrop cake

Photo by Kristiann Man

As a baker and food enthusiast, I am horrified at the thought of people actually believing this blob of agar water is a cake. When your favorite character on the show you’re currently binge-watching dies a horrible death, do you really want to sob uncontrollably while daintily eating raindrops with a wooden spoon? No. You’re going to be elbow deep in a ganache-drizzled chocolate fudge cake, shoveling fork-fulls of it into your mouth while trying not to get crumbs and tears all over your laptop keyboard.

I have nothing against the dish itself, or the country of which it originated, but come on people! This is not a cake. If my waiter at a restaurant stuck candles in this watery blob and started singing Happy Birthday to me, I’d be extremely sad and confused and I know you would be too.