Avocados are the queen of all foods. They are deliciously creamy, really good for you, and incredibly versatile – you can make avocado toast, avocado ice creamavocado dark chocolate truffles (yes, really) and, of course, guacamole. But have you ever wonder which avocado dish is your spirit food? Well, find out here.

  1. Your friends would call you:

  2. The place you most want to visit in this moment is:

  3. What's your favorite meal of the day?

  4. You turn the volume up when this song comes on the radio:

  5. What social media platform do you check every 5 minutes?

  6. You like when your food is...

  7. Most of the clothing in your closet is from:

  8. You're going on a car ride and you pack:

  9. What do you do with your textbooks at the end of each semester?

  10. What's your eating utensil of choice?