Passover, a joyous holiday during which age old Jewish traditions are embraced, and pizza becomes forbidden fruit. (For only a week, but still.)


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This holiday is not to be confused with the South Beach diet. The main rule for the week is no unleavened bread products are to be eaten (cake, cookies, pizza, bread, etc.) Every strange food eaten during a Passover Seder is significant to the ritual itself, and is somehow symbolic of the Jew’s exodus from Egypt. Curious to see which iconic Passover nom best fits you? Embark on the Quiz below and happy Matzoh eating!

  1. It is time to sit down and begin the Seder. What is your reaction?

  2. Mom offers you an extra glass of wine. Do you accept?

  3. Why is this night different from all other nights?

  4. How do you feel about giving up bread for a week?

  5. Whats the right name for that big cracker thing you are supposed to eat?