I would hope that everyone has fond memories of eating boxes upon boxes of sugary Pop-Tarts as children because they were downright delicious. My pantry was always stocked with S’mores and Strawberry Pop-Tarts when I was a kid and I can’t imagine childhood without them. Unfortunately, I’ve strayed away from eating them as I’ve gotten older, but my love for them has not wavered.

With the new Pop the Vote contest this year to see which flavor is most popular among college kids, I’ve been thinking a lot about Pop-Tarts lately. Mostly I’ve been thinking about the fact that I really need to go out and buy some again to experience the same euphoria I did as a kid. If you’ve had Pop-Tarts on the mind lately like I have, then take this quiz to find out which Pop-Tart flavor most resembles your personality.

  1. Where would you like to live?

  2. What are you most likely to be doing on the weekends?

  3. What's your dream job?

  4. Pick a movie.

  5. What is the nicest thing you've ever done for someone?

  6. What's your favorite dessert?

  7. Who is your favorite celebrity?