Ever since Cupcakin’ Bake Shop opened its doors last summer, it has become a favorite go-to for many Berkeley students looking to brighten up any occasion that deserves with a sweet treat. With its selection of mouth-watering cupcakes (They recently added gluten-free and vegan options!) we cannot rave enough about it here at Spoon. Whether you’re just getting introduced or a loyal customer who knows all the flavors, take this quiz to find out which combination of frosting and cake is your match made in Cupcakin’ heaven.

  1. What's on your mind in the morning as you start the day?

  2. Pick a dream destination:

  3. There's a new cafe opening up near campus. I hope it has...

  4. What qualities do you look for in a romantic partner?

  5. What's your guilty pleasure?

  6. What's your biggest eating pet peeve?

  7. Your reason for missing class on a Friday is most likely to be...

  8. Pick a dog breed: