In today’s fast-paced “I’m always late!” society, cereal is a godsend: it’s quick, convenient and best of all, comes in about a thousand different varieties. We’ve all tried our fair share of cereals, ranging from classic favorite Cheerios to the good-for-you, but not-so-good tasting Kashi cereals and everything in between. But we all have our ultimate favorites– our go-to buddies at 6 am. While you may think you chose your favorite simply because it tasted good or you liked the art on the box, there might be a correlation between your personality and your cereal of choice. Take the quiz below to see for yourself, and see if we can guess your favorite cereal!

  1. What's your favorite Georgetown study spot?

  2. What do you do in your free time?

  3. What do you dream of?

  4. If you had a pet, what would you want it to be?