Rather than be a typical witch or boring ghost for the fifth year in a row, turn to these innovative costumes to release your inner foodie this Halloween. Choose from all different styles and cuisines to express your favorite dish, whether it be sushi, hot dog or cereal.

For the crafty 


Courtesy of Maya via mayuk.radzis.com

Become a simple and delicious roll of sushi with the help of a pillow. Begin by putting on a white shirt to recreate the ball of rice. Make the sashimi–or sliced raw fish–out of a pink pillow lined with diagonal strips of white ribbon (use an orange pillowcase if you would rather be salmon than tuna). Use a thick band of black cloth to tie the pillow-sashimi to your back and channel your inner sushi-ness. Top off the look with either an egg-roe or wasabi headband to boost style points.

For the couples


Courtesy of Meg Allan Cole via makezine.com

The perfect breakfast pairing–bacon and eggs–for the perfect pair of peeps. Combine a plain maroon shirt with strips of white and pink felt to turn one person into bacon. Meanwhile, a plain white t-shirt and a large oval of yellow felt can transform the other into an egg.

For the lazy


Courtesy of FunWorld via amazon.com

Everybody loves hot dogs and bananas. If you don’t have the time to craft your own costume, stop by any local party store to become one of these beloved foods. Almost any Halloween goods carrier, such as Target, Walmart and Diddams, will have these costumes on hand. As you walk around Halloween night, you’re guaranteed to gain both amused and confused glances.

For the witty


Courtesy of Cosmopolitan via cosmopolitan.com

With a large helping of cardboard, transform yourself into a cereal (serial) killer. Use a large box to recreate your favorite cereal, whether it be Lucky Charms or Special K, and complete the look with a striking cardboard knife and some fake blood (brownie points if you keep up the food theme and use ketchup as blood). Optional: walk around with a manic expression to scare off even the Sproul Plaza regulars.

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