Quinoa has been a recent health trend in past few years as a hipster alternative to rice. Many are confused about what exactly quinoa is––basically, it's a gluten-free, high protein, and high-fiber grain that's perfect for gluten-avoiders and the health-conscious. Quilla's Quinoa Desserts uses quinoa to create gluten-free confections, and are changing up the dessert game.

But can a high protein, gluten-free really hold up to the gooey, sugary, flour-filled cookies of our childhood? We decided to taste-test some of Quilla's Quinoa Desserts and see if they really lived up to the hype.

The First Look

Betsy Chilcoat

We got a sample of Quilla's Quinoa Chocolate Chip Cookie, the Mini Alfajores (basically tiny cookie sandwiches), Mini Dulce de Leche Cookies (more tiny cookie sandwiches), and Mini Hazelnut Nutella Cookies (and even more mini sandwiches, score!).

At first glance, the cookies look pretty good. They were perfectly bite-sized, presented prettily, and looked good enough to eat. However, at $5 for a box of six mini cookies, they were quite pricey. Still, good health food and gluten-free products don't come cheap, so I wasn't surprised.

Betsy Chilcoat

Not only were the cookies better for my body, they were better for the world, too. All quinoa used is sourced directly from Peru, helping create a stable economy there while promoting a sustainable food source. All of Quilla's Quinoa Desserts are hand-made in small batches, so quality isn't sacrificed. Plus, the box designs and small-cookie presentation were adorable.

But all that falls to the wayside when considering the most important factor of all: Were these cookies any good? With our mouths watering and stomachs growling, we were about to find out. It was time, and I was ready to chow down on some better-for-me cookies.

The Taste Test

Betsy Chilcoat

My first bite was disappointing. To be honest, the cookies were really dry. They were all very moisture-absent, and that combined with the powdered sugar dusting made my mouth feel like I'd been out in the desert for days. Bleh.

The mini sandwiches all had fillings like dulce de leche or nutella, which really helped break up the cotton-mouth feeling the cookies induced. They also had a soft texture with a good crunch. While the powdered sugar dusting did soak up every drop of water in my mouth, it was a nice sugary touch.

I can see Quilla's Quinoa Desserts being good tea cookies. They might work well if you dipped them in tea or another hot liquid (basically, add some much-needed moisture). They seemed on-par with other gluten-free desserts I've tried, which gives them a solid "meh" rating. As a gluten-lover myself, I'm going to stick to flour and sugar-filled cookies next time I want a treat.

Overall, Quillas Quinoa Desserts were okay. Their concept and gluten-free qualities are pretty exciting, and if you can get by the dryness they have a really good flavor. They're a little pricey, but if you're looking for a healthier alternative to Oreos and S'mores, then Quilla's Quinoa could be perfect for you. I prefer my desserts to be as sugary as possible, but to each their own!