It’s just about that time of year when all hell breaks lose in the library, and by all hell breaking lose we mean everything being eerily quite and super uncomfortable because everyone starts acting like its the end of the world. One of the things that apparently people particularly hate when in this delicate emotional state (also known as preparing for finals) is people eating loudly and/or smelly snacks. We’re never ones to eat an apple or a bag of chips with the intention of being disruptive, it’s easier to avoid the situation all together by only bringing snacks that don’t make any noise or emit any smells. We’re all victims of these trying times of torture so it’s only considerate to try to cause as little discomfort to each other as possible.

Here is our list of snack foods that will make as little noise as possible but will also fuel your final-induced panic:

*Note: These snacks are not inspired by legitimate nutritional recommendations.

1. Bananas and almond butter

Less smelly and no risk of accidentally sending someone to the hospital because they have a severe allergy. Also, bananas are easy to transport, require no utensils and are the perfect vessel for nut butters.

quiet snacks

Photo by Life is No Yoke

2. Dried Fruit

It’s dry and therefore doesn’t make much noise. Also dried fruit is really fun to snack on because it’s so chewy; we especially recommend apple rings, apricots, and dried mango.

quiet snacks

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3. Hummus and pita

Besides being incredibly delicious, they are also satisfyingly soft and non-oderous.

quiet snacks

Photo by Simply Fresh Cooking

4. Jerky

Protein, protein, protein. Discreet protein.

quiet snacks

Photo by Bud’s Custom Meats

5. Heavily processed cheeses like Babybel rounds and string cheese

Although these might squeak every so slightly it will be barely audible to even you. They are easily transportable and the wax on the Babybel is a fun distraction in the case you need to procrastinate further.

quiet snacks

Photo by DeviantAr

6. Bagel and cream cheese

Let’s be real, bagels are one of the most glorious carbs known to man (especially New Yorkers which I think is supposed to be us at NYU). A bagel makes for an enormously satisfying snack and all the carbs will help you marathon through that essay.

quiet snacks

Photo by Walks of New York

7. Yogurt

Just make sure you have a spoon!

quiet snacks

Photo by Hoards of Dairymen

 8. Smoothies

As long as you don’t make a loud attempt at sucking up the remnants at the very end.

quiet snacks

Photo by Smoothie Ideas


9. Trail mix

Just avoid ones with peanuts for reasons previously mentioned. Cashews seem like a particularly quiet nut, so try to pick a trail mix with those.

quiet snacks

Photo by Simply Delicious Meals

10. Doughnuts

Because why not. Although the sight of these may make others incredibly envious.
quiet snacks

Photo by Social News Daily