Recently, a huge boom in the food market has happened. Companies are trying to add protein to everything from cookie dough to ice cream. Many times, simple protein bars are looked over despite their relatively low calorie count and surprisingly high protein count.

Over the past few years, I've tried numerous protein bars. I've tried the vegan ones; I've tried the low carb ones; I've tried the wacky flavored ones. Yet no matter how many protein bars I try, I always run back to the same brand— Quest Nutrition. No matter which flavor I choose to get, I'm always satisfied. But it's not just the flavor that keeps me running back for more.

As a food documentary-aholic (yes, I've given it a name), I've seen too many studies that prove over and over again that sugar is detrimental to our health. That's where Quest steps in for me. Quest protein bars are extremely low in sugar.

Excess sugar has been liked to weight gain, diabetes, fatty liver disease, and in some cases, cancer. It's scary to see how one simple ingredient with so many names can cause so much damage within us ever realizing its potential. Sugar is leaking into nearly every product we consume, so we need to be careful about the products we're buying.

Good-Bye Sugar, Hello Sucralose 

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Meredith Davin

In order to lower the Quest Bar sugar content without giving up any of its sweetness, they use sucralose. It is an ingredient nearly 600% sweeter than sugar, but without the added calories. While the name may seem unfamiliar at first, it's the ingredient used to make Splenda. Quest incorporates Sucralose into its products because it's basically sugar's prettier (and sweeter) sister.

Sucralose is made from simple table sugar. By replacing three hydrogen-oxygen bonds with chlorine, it forms a zero-calorie, versatile sweetener. The process is a bit complicated, but we have chemistry to thank for that. While it's not so simple to make, its benefits are perfectly clear.

Sucralose is completely safe, and has been approved by the FDA. Unlike sugar, it does not cause an insulin spike, which makes them perfect for anyone with diabetes. Only 2-3% of the sucralose actually winds up into your bloodstream. The rest of it goes straight through your body. Besides not decaying your teeth, it also doesn't cause your mind to become hyper-active. 

The Final Verdict

Quest is on a mission to make products full of flavor, but without any of the harmful ingredients. They want to make clean eating fun. Using ingredients like Sucralose, they are able to create low calorie options without ever lacking in taste.

They make bars in nearly every flavor imaginable, as well as tons of other products packed with protein. You can either purchase them directly from their website, or find them in a store near you.