While we've all been binge-watching shows on the Food Network, Aarti Sequeira has been starring in them. Since graduating from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism in 2000, Aarti has been honing both her journalism and cooking skills.

In 2007, she graduated from culinary school and began her own online cooking show called Aarti Paarti cooking up Indian-inspired dishes. In 2010, she won season six of Food Network's The Next Food Network Star and got to bring her online show to TV.

Now, you can spot Aarti on TV hosting The Cooking Channel's Taste in Translation or serving as a judge on various Food Network competition shows.

Spoon Northwestern caught up with Aarti to hear her take on Northwestern's food scene while she was a student here.

Spoon NU: When did you attend Northwestern?

Aarti: 1996-2000

Spoon NU: What was your major?

Aarti: Journalism with minor in international relations.

Spoon NU: While on campus did you participate in any clubs/organizations?

Aarti: WNUR news and then-nascent NNN.

Spoon NU: What was the food like at Northwestern while you were here?

Aarti: Pretty standard for dining hall fare. But we made friends with one of the cooks so she would make special omelettes for us. She even invited us to her wedding!

Spoon NU: What dining halls did you eat in?

Aarti: Searle.

Spoon NU: What types of foods were served in Norris University Center? Any favorites?

Aarti: I worked at the coffee shop-ice cream shop so that was my favorite. I'd make massive milkshakes for my dinner.

Spoon NU: What was your favorite off-campus restaurant in Evanston? What type of food and where was it?

Aarti: There was a noodle place on Davis I think that we loved. It was a favorite of my then-boyfriend (now husband). It had a woman's name... I can't remember.

Spoon NU: Did you always know you wanted to be on TV?

Aarti: Pretty much. My dad called me "showcase" when I was little. And I pretend-played two jobs: one was news-reader (I'd read the newspaper aloud to an imaginary camera) and the other was cooking show host (I'd roll out play dough into chapatis and show yet another imaginary camera how to make them).

Spoon NU: Where does your love for food come from?

Aarti: My appetite. I was a 10 pound baby. Food is an emotional thing for me - it's connection, comfort and joy. 

Aarti Sequeira is one of the many amazing and inspiring women coming to speak at Northwestern University's Sugar and Spice Summit on Saturday, April 1. Buy your tickets here before they sell out!