I love food costumes, and thanks to costume manufacturers like Rasta Imposta, there are a ton of food costume options, ranging from a banana to pizza to my personal favorite, a taco.

While my go-to costume is always a taco, there's been a growing popularity of food costumes and now, I've actually run into other tacos out at costume parties. If you're looking for an original, food-themed costume that will make someone laugh, check these out:

1. Burger King/Queen

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While you might not be able to recreate this incredible Burger King costume, you can make one of your own, starting with H&M's hamburger costume. Then either hit up Burger King for an authentic BK crown, or just buy a fun crown of your own. 

2. Eggos

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If you've fallen in love with the new Netflix show Stranger Things this past summer, this costume is for you. While a lot of people will be dressing up as Eleven for Halloween, you'll stand out as Eggos, or better yet, a Yelp review for Eggos: Eleven/10, would recommend. 

3. Hot dog-dog

This one would probably be cuter if you were actually a dog, but anyone can still pull it off. All you need is a hot dog costume and puppy-dog ears. Complete your look by using makeup to give yourself a nose and whiskers, or get a dog ear and nose set

4. Bananagrams

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The banana costume was one of the first food costumes to really hit the market, but a fun way to spice it up is make it a Banangrams costume. Grab a classic banana costume and tape on some giant print-out scrabble letters to complete your outfit. 

5. Avo-gato

Yes, I know, this is a dog, not a cat. But who doesn't love avocados? Become a classic Baja-California avocado by taking an avocado costume and adding cat ears, resulting in an avo-gato. 

6. Sugar Daddy/Mama

If your favorite part of Halloween is the candy, try bringing your inner sugar daddy/mama to life with this costume. Start with a baby-sling or backpack style baby carrier and put in a bag that says sugar—making you the ultimate sugar daddy/mama. 

7. Chick-fil-A Cow

If you're obsessed with Chick-fil-A, this costume is perfect for you: dress like a cow and wear a sign that says "Eat Mor Chikin." An added bonus is you can reuse this costume on Cow Appreciation Day, where if you dress up as a cow, Chick-fil-A will give you a free entree.  

8. Deviled Eggs

Lastly, you can indulge in the classic devil costume while still incorporating food: deviled eggs. You can even get an all-inclusive egg costume that has devil horns and a tail

If you're struggling with which one to chose, check out these babies in food-themed Halloween costumes for some extra inspiration.