When you think of summer turning into fall, many things come to mind: leaves changing from forest green to warm reds and oranges, thick summer air turning crisp and chilly, tailgates happening with the arrival of football season, shorts and tanks transitioning to jeans and sweaters, and, last but not least, pumpkins popping up everywhere. During this delicious season, pumpkin everything is instantly popular and devoured at (almost) every meal. This list I’ve comprised is a scrumptious collection of everything and anything that has to do with pumpkin:

1. Pancakes

Ever wake up in the middle of October and crave a pumpkin pancake? Check out this recipe to satisfy that perfectly reasonable desire of yours. Bonus: it’s a protein pancake, which will keep you full all morning.


Photo by Malia Hu

2. Muffins

You’ve already gone to your morning classes, but have a quick break and need a small snack before your meeting… What do you grab? Try these easy pumpkin spice muffins for on-the-go snacks during your busy week.


Photo by Katherine Carroll

3. Quinoa

Wait, what? Yes. Are you trying to be healthy? Have you hopped on the quinoa bandwagon? And do you still want some flavor in your meal? This recipe is a yummy mix of bacon, pumpkin and quinoa that would be great for lunch or dinner.


Photo by Hannah Lin

4. Cookies

Sure, they may take a little bit more dedication, but these penuche pumpkin pecan cookies are so worth all of the effort. My mouth is watering.


Photo by Kristen Yang

5. Bread

Whether you’re a coffee, tea or nothing-but-water drinker, pumpkin bread is always a good idea. Save your meal points for late night and try out this pumpkin bread recipe.


Photo by Sarah Comerford

6. Granola

Trying to be healthy but can’t stomach the full-blown quinoa craze? Are you a vegetarian, so bacon is also a no-go? Check out another perfectly healthy alternative; some tasty pumpkin spice granola for you to crunch on (and there’s only a 1/4 cup of quinoa, I promise).


Photo by Maggie Gorman

7. Latte

September 23rd, the official first day of fall, is quickly approaching, so why not be the first to brew a good ol’ Pumpkin Spice Latte? It’ll only take you 5 minutes, and it’ll save you 5 dollars.


Photo by Christine Chang

8. Fluff

Yep, that’s right. Pumpkin fluff. This super simple recipe is perfect for snacking on crackers or bread with 7 other friends (or 5 if you’re feeling selfish).


Photo by Katherine Baker

Just not enough pumpkin for you?

Here’s an article on all things pumpkin. It includes the health benefits, how to choose and store the ideal pumpkin and a roasted pumpkin seed recipe.

I hope you’re as excited as I am for this eventful season. Enjoy treating yourself with pumpkin flavored everything this fall.