Sometimes, you just need to treat yourself when you’re stressed out. This past week, I had two midterms, a twenty-page paper and a research project to deal with. Yuck.

I needed a little motivation and something sweet to help me survive the week but there was no way I could find the time to bake something. So, I decided to explore other options. My only criteria was that it had to be pumpkin flavored. As I was scrolling through my Instagram feed for inspiration, I came across a photo of Momofuku Milk Bar truffles.

Momofuku Milk Bar is a bakery that specializes in cakes, truffles and other tasty treats that you can’t come across anywhere else. Milk Bar has six different locations in New York; however, as there are no stores located near Duke, I had to resort to their website.

The words “Pumpkin Pie Cake Truffles” immediately sold me, and the fact that I could get them delivered right to my doorstep sealed the deal.

After eagerly awaiting their arrival and hungrily sitting through three classes, I returned home the next day to the heavenly sight of a little brown box.

pumpkin truffles

Photo by Abby Farley

Like a kid on Christmas morning, I ripped off the packaging and there they were: twelve perfectly crafted truffles, begging me to take a bite.

Let me assure you, they taste even better than they look. Dusted in graham cracker crumbs, the truffles have a thin outer shell that adds just the right amount of crunch, surrounding an inner filling that tastes like a cross between pumpkin pie, cake and heaven.

These truffles make for the perfect alternative Thanksgiving dessert for those of you who are not baking inclined, or they even work as a thoughtful hostess gift. If you just want a taste of something sweet, these two bites will surely satisfy your sweet tooth… you’ll be glad you didn’t eat a whole pumpkin pie!

pumpkin truffles

Photo by Abby Farley

If pumpkin isn’t your thing, Momofuku Milk Bar has two other types of deliverable truffles: Mint Cookies & Cream and Birthday Cake.

I highly recommend the birthday cake truffles. Even if its not your birthday, these two-bite delights are good for any time of the year.