The leaves are changing, which means it's time to put away your sandals and sun dresses and pull out all your cozy scarves and sweaters.

LL Bean boots are great and all, but the real highlight of fall is the pumpkins. Pumpkins are perfect for adding a fall touch to anything and everything. Here are few fun ways to incorporate pumpkins this season.

1. Embrace your inner child.

pumpkin, vegetable, squash
Jodi Graf

Remember how excited you would get when your teacher used to bring pumpkins into school for the class to decorate? Why not relive that excitement? Go out to your favorite, local pumpkin patch, and find that perfect pumpkin to bring home and decorate.

One perk of growing up is that you can finally carve the pumpkin yourself, so design something funny, scary, or just downright awesome.

2. Don't forget about the insides.

cereal, nut, pumpkin seeds, coffee, pasture
Marina Poole

Many people gut the pumpkins for carving and throw out out all the gooey insides, but not in my house. In my house, we believe the seeds are the best part of the pumpkin.

Just put them on a cooking sheet, throw some butter and salt on them, and pop them in the oven on 300°F for about 45 minutes. Once you see those seeds turn golden brown, they're ready for snacking. 

3. Grab your caffeine before class.

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Tara Longardner

My absolute favorite pumpkin treat is Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte topped with plenty of whipped cream. It's hot, delicious and can give you that kick start for your morning.

If your wallet and time are running low, buy pumpkin coffee grounds and brew some in your dorm. When you have a few extra minutes in the morning try making a DIY pumpkin spice latte

4. Satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Thanksgiving is almost here, so bring on the pumpkin pie. If you are tired of store bought pumpkin pie, try mixing it up this year with Oprah's Pumpkin Gingersnap Pie. It has a walnut and ginger snap cookie crust that spices up this traditional treat. My mom and I started making this pie a few years ago, and we loved it so much that it has become a tradition.

If you're not a fan of pumpkin pie, try making a pumpkin cheesecake this Thanksgiving. Pumpkin is also delicious in cakes, muffins, scones, etc. Don't be afraid to try the seasonal pumpkin flavored ice cream. Every local ice cream shop is sure to have it. 

5. Make it a bowl. 

Why use a plain bowl or plate to serve your fall dishes? Find a small pumpkin, carve out the insides, and put in your favorite dip, soup, or snack.

If you can't think of anything to fill your pumpkin bowl, try this amazing spicy pumpkin soup. If you want, you can put a small bowl inside the hallowed out pumpkin and then fill it. It's just what you need to add a festive flare to your appetizer table this Thanksgiving. 

6. Bring the fall feeling to your dorm.

pasture, vegetable, pumpkin, gourd, squash
Jodi Graf

As a college student, I find myself missing my mom's fall decorations that put me in the fall mood. To make my dorm feel more like home, I bought a couple mini pumpkins to decorate my dorm room. It's a simple way to bring in the fall season.

No matter what you are eating or doing this fall, you can be sure that you can spice it up with a little pumpkin. The flavor of pumpkin is fleeting with the season, so take advantage of it while it's here.