Not to sugar-coat it, but this is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Hershey’s has officially announced their new lineup of Holiday Candy, now including the Sugar Cookie Hershey’s Kisses. With sugar cookie flavored white creme and green/red cookie pieces, these Hershey's Kisses will be an inevitable holiday favorite. Each piece of candy will be wrapped in the classic metallic foil decorated with hearts, bells, trees, and ornaments.

Like many of the Hershey Products, a recipe for Sugar Cookie Hershey’s Kisses Sugar Cookies is on the back. *talk about a mouthful* They will be out in stores this month, so you know I am already planning my baking schedule. Last year the company released their Hot Cocoa Kisses, which they also confirmed will be coming back this year. These candies consist of milk chocolate filled with marshmallow flavored creme- and let me tell you, I have made the most amazing cookies using these. I ~highly~ recommend heading to the store.