Good news! You can finally get rewarded for all those late night McDonald’s runs after long days of studying. On July 8, McDonald's is releasing MyMcDonald’s Rewards, their first nationwide loyalty program to reward customers for ordering their favorite items. Members will get the chance to accumulate points, allowing them to unlock freebies like a delicious cheeseburger, their famous fries, or a classic vanilla cone, just to name a few.  

Users will receive 1,500 points after their first order using MyMcDonald’s Rewards, which means they can already redeem a free hash brown, vanilla cone, cheeseburger, or McChicken on their next order. Afterwards, they will collect 100 points for every dollar spent indulging at this classic fast food establishment. The MyMcDonald’s Rewards is just part of the company’s new “MyMcDonald’s” program aimed to provide customers with a new, fast, and digital experience and we really are lovin' it. 

So, go treat yourself with some scrumptious fries and perhaps some nuggets and you might just earn yourself some free food.