Soup is a universal warm dish that people tend to consume either when they have a cold and or when it's colder than my soul out there. The thing with proper people soup is that it takes so much time to make, and for times where I'm feeling antsy, I don't necessarily want to wait a million and one years to eat. That's where Proper Good comes into play, and at this point, they might as well save the day with their new soups.

I want some soup:

Whitney Lauren Han

I want some soup, too, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to have some since I also really want Chipotle. The thing is that we're here to talk about Proper Good and not about Chipotle, so I'll have to put that to rest. Proper Good is basically soup in a pouch. Flavors include Squash & Carrot (Vegan), Red Pepper & Meatball (Keto), Chicken & Mushroom (Keto), and Meatball Minestrone. According to an informational email, the "soups are made with no preservatives and feature wholesome and functional ingredients such as grass-fed bone broth, turmeric, and coconut milk." All of those ingredients are super healthy/good for you, so you don't have to worry about putting weird chemicals into your body.

The site also offers free shipping on orders over $25 and will give you 10% off by entering in your email address to be subscribed to their emails. Proper Good is now available for purchase at for $6.99 or $7.99 per 12 oz pouch. The thing is, with the soups themselves, they "can be delivered directly to your door and come in BPA-free flexible transparent pouches that are microwave safe. The cardboard topper and box are both widely recyclable, and each shipment includes a pre-paid envelope for easy return of used pouches for recycling. Each pouch has an 8-month shelf life and does not require refrigeration, perfect for stocking up while sheltering in place, or for those venturing out for long-term camping or hiking trips," according to an email. 

According to Jennifer Jane, one of the co-founders of Proper Good, "Proper Good is an excellent option during the shelter-in-place protocols as the meals are packed with real, wholesome and yummy ingredients, and they do not need to be refrigerated, so you can stock up and easily store them without taking up precious fridge space. Knowing you have tasty, easy, and healthy meals on hand can be very helpful for individuals and families at home worried about food security. All of our soups have an emphasis on functional ingredients, for example, our bone-broth based soups have an array of health benefits as they're packed with essential amino acids, proteins, and collagen to help with immunity, joint, skin, and gut health. All of our Proper Good soups have been very popular as people are realizing the importance of food and nutrition for their wellbeing."

Paying $7+ for a single serving of soup might seem steep, but it's probably on the same level as to how much you'd pay for diner soup. And besides, the soup that you're used to getting has so much sodium in it that you might as well be eating ramen. Is that worth it to you?