Progresso just announced that they’ve created an all-new way to enjoy your fave soups without creating a mess in the kitchen: Progresso Toppers. These new soup creations feature add-ons right on top so you can just microwave, stir, add the toppers, and enjoy. The best part? There’s virtually no mess.

This is the newest way to enjoy those classic soups with some  extra crunch and I'm honestly surprised that this wasn't a thing before today. Currently, Progresso Toppers come in five flavor combinations: Chicken Noodle with Oyster Crackers, Tomato Basil with Cheddar Crackers, Broccoli Cheese with Oyster Crackers, Loaded Potato with Fried Onion Strings, and Chicken Tortilla with Tortilla Strips.

You can grab your all-in-one single-serve tubs of Progresso Toppers at retailers nationwide starting today for an SRP of $3.79. Here's the hard part, which one are you going to try first?