Something I hear a lot from people who ask me about my vegetarianism is: "I want to be vegetarian, but I couldn't do it." Although we all love to feel like we're maybe just a little better than everyone else, there's no exceptional difference between those who are vegetarian and those who have convinced themselves they can't be. So here are some of my top products that helped me ease into vegetarianism. 

Gardein Holiday Roast

Let's get the Thanksgiving/respective-winter-holiday anxieties out of the way first. Being a vegetarian doesn't have to mean forgoing turkey and gravy for side dishes. You can find the Gardein Holiday Roast in the freezer section of your grocery store (I got mine at Whole Foods) for a fraction of the price of a real turkey. The pre-stuffed roast comes with vegan gravy and simple oven instructions. 

Trader Joe's Japanese Fried Rice

I'm not completely clear on what the "umami" flavor entails, but I'm almost positive it's the taste of this vegan fried rice from TJ's. Found in the beloved freezer section, the rice is mixed with edamame, bits of tofu, carrots, and seaweed. I like to add a scrambled free range egg to make it a meal (keep in mind, that will change this dish from vegan to vegetarian). 

Dave's Gourmet Korean Food Veggie Broth

I fancy myself a soup aficionado and I can truthfully say that this is the best broth I've ever tasted, including the soups and broths I had before I was vegetarian. It's ridiculously flavorful, filling, comforting, and has cured many hangovers.

Soups can be tricky for vegetarians and vegans, because a lot of the time soups, even vegetable and tomato, are made with chicken, beef, or pork stock. When eating out, make sure to ask your waiter what broth or stock is used in the soup before you order.

I'm sorry to say Dave's Gourmet Korean Food is relatively localized to Southern California, but this veggie broth is too good not to include on this list.

MorningStar Chik'n Nuggets

I've been eating these since I was a meat loving kid because regular chicken nuggets are honestly suspicious. The only detectable difference between "chik'n" and "chicken" nuggets is that you'll never wonder what mystery chicken part you're biting into. This is a vegetarian product that I really never get sick of; I eat these anytime of day, for a meal or a snack. 

Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo

TJ's Soy Chorizo (or "soyrizo" as I've been calling it for over a year until right when I found out that's not it's official name) is one of the closest soy products to the real meat version that I've tasted. It's spicy, fatty, and indulgent. I mix it into eggs or make a bake with peppers and cheese. 

These items are simply a few of the countless options available to help you transition meat out of your diet. Cravings are natural and a real challenge for vegetarians, but the items on this list are meant to help alleviate some. 

I'm not saying the evolution from omnivore to vegetarian is simple or easy, but it's also not as hard or daunting as it may seem.

Why you should be a vegetarian is a completely different article, actually, a completely different book, or maybe a multi-volume collection of books, but, whatever you're reason for making the choice of vegetarianism is, know that anyone can do it.