Move over greek yogurt your new trendier and healthier cousin, The Coconut Cult is in town and here to stay. Not only is she a fluffy, creamy, vegan and paleo yogurt, but a probiotic supplement, too. Some may say the Coconut Cult is the whole package, but we'll let you decide. 

What is The Coconut Cult?

Petrina Pinto

The Coconut Cult is a powerful organic probiotic coconut yogurt made with 800 billion human probiotic strains in each small quart-sized batches. One, 2 tablespoon, serving is packed with 25 billion probiotics, which are sure to get your gut up and running. This artisanal yogurt comes in three different flavors: Original, Cream, and Mango. The Original is strictly made with coconuts and probiotics; the Cream and Mango are made with coconuts, mango, orange juice and probiotics.

Don't be alarmed if one jar is thicker than another, or if one jar tastes either tangy, sour, or sweet. Each batch differs in consistency and taste depending on the reaction to the live enzymes. It's advisable to start with the serving size and work up to what the daring culters consume, which is up to one cup. Choose your serving size wisely. 

How it Originated

Petrina Pinto

Noah Simon-Waddell, cult leader and The Coconut Cult founder went a little (coco)nuts with probiotics and created an addicting, fluffy, smooth coconut yogurt. The cult started in Los Osos, CA, a small town in the San Luis Obispo County, and has become a nationwide obsession. Cutting coconuts, concocting, fermenting, jarring, and packaging all occur in their founding location by their small cult crew. The company offers home deliveries and sells their products at health food and grocery stores. 

#SpoonTip: Check out The Coconut Cult website to locate a store near you. 

What's the consensus?

Health foodies nationwide are raving about this creamy, versatile, expensive probiotic coconut yogurt. The Coconut Cult has ambassadors including the famous instagrammers Jeannette Ogden, @shutthekaleup, Lee Tilgham, @leefromamerica, and Rachael DeVaux, @rachaelgoodeats, who advocate for the benefits, taste, and texture of these fermented coconuts. People love how it's safe for kids, pets, and pregnant women to eat. Instafamous-grammers demonstrate the versatility of the products through smoothies, parfaits, desserts, breakfasts, and snacks. Check out their Instagrams to see their masterpieces.  

#SpoonTip: Top your favorite sliced fruit with The Coconut Cult cream flavor, drizzle with nut butter, and sprinkle with cinnamon for the perfect snack. 

Why Join the Cult?

Petrina Pinto

Gut health trends aren't slowing down and nor is The Coconut Cult craze. The two go hand-in-hand because 2018 is the year for gut health, which means caring for your micro biome for a happy belly. High-quality probiotics ensure for smooth bowel movement. Probiotic coconut yogurt is packed with healthy fats and is low in sugar and sodium. Instead of kombucha, probiotic pills, and kimchi, many opt for The Coconut Cult to get their probiotic fix to feed their gut flora. 

This gut churning coconut yogurt is bound to be your next favorite health food. It's a nutrition nut's dream: whole, simple, few real ingredients and made in three dreamy flavors. You can top any flavor with berries, add it to a smoothie, dollop some on your favorite dessert or just eat it by the spoonful. Any way you choose to eat it, your gut will thank you later. Choose your flavor and join the cult. 

#SpoonTip: The cheapest Coconut Cult is sold at The Neighborhood Acai and Juice Bar in San Luis Obispo, CA.