The Holidays are meant for cookie-baking, hot chocolate-sipping, and letting go of that summer beach bod you worked all last spring for. For those of you sweet tooths and cookie monsters out there, we have some game-changing news for you; your favorite salty snack is going sweet for the Holidays.

Pringles are broadening their horizons and making their stackable snack Holiday-approved. In addition to previous years flavors, the brand is breaking out a new flavor that will have you more excited than Buddy the Elf.

Holiday flavors are nothing new to the Pringle brand. In fact, in previous years they've had flavors such as: white and milk chocolate and cinnamon sugar. Curious minds snagged these flavors quick in order to conduct a taste-test of their own. This year, the starting line up includes last year's pecan pie and salted caramel, and the addition of one new innovative flavor.

Cookie, chip, or cookie-chip? I’ll let you decide the classification of this one, but one thing I do know is that Pringles new sugar cookie flavor is sure to spark the minds of the curious. This flavor will be exclusive to the shelves of Walmart while the other seasonal flavors (pecan pie and salted caramel) can be found at your nearest dollar general. So next time you roll up to Wally World, make sure to snag this seasonal treat.

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This elf-approved snack is nestled inside a cozy, holiday-themed can, tied together with a "bow." This snack is both interesting and will be sure to attract your friends; so whether you're thinking of what snack to bring to your upcoming holiday party, or simply what snack to nibble on while watching Elf, this stackable snack will surely do the job. However, get your fix quick because this limited-edition snack will be gone quicker than you can say "cotton-headed ninny muggins."