If you hail from the South like me, you know the struggle of finding authentic southern foods in New Jersey. One of my New Jersey native friends once confidently asserted that Chipotle has the best guacamole of all time. It’s “I’m not in Texas anymore” moments like that one when I really miss genuine Tex-Mex and real southern barbecue. In Texas, guacamole is a menu standard regardless of cuisine and canned queso/salsa is blasphemous. Don’t get me wrong, New England offers tasty, diverse dining options, but it’s not often here that I plunge a tortilla chip into a bowl of queso or drown brisket in sauce and really feel at home.


Photo by Edgar Sandoval

Ma & Pa’s TexMex BBQ provides a local cure for your southern food withdrawal (or answers your questions about what all the southern food hype is about). The food truck owner, Alejandro, and his family come from Texas and Mexico and are bringing those authentic flavors to New Jersey. Unlike Chipotle or Qdoba, this is the real deal Tex-Mex experience.


Photo courtesy of Ma & Pa’s TexMex BBQ on facebook.com

Don’t miss Ma & Pa’s at Princeton’s TruckFest on April 16! The truck will be offering brisket, pork, and chicken tacos for $4 each. I’ll be there double fisting my beloved Tex-Mex cuisine.