About three miles down the road from Princeton University lies Terhune Orchards. This farm grows over 200 fruits and vegetables, and the quality of its produce is truly special. Though exploring the orchard, picking your own fruit, and seeing the animals is an experience of its own, we Princeton students don’t always have the time or the transportation to do so.  Luckily for us, the farm has a stand at the Princeton University Farmers’ Market.


Photo by Morgan Lucey

I remember the first time I tried a Terhune apple. I was on my recruiting visit here at Princeton, and at one of the practices I observed, one of my now-teammates brought an entire bag of crisp Golden Ladies. I was not expecting anything too different from the apples I bought in Jacksonville, Florida. But there was a world of difference between the two.  Since then, my teammates and I have driven to nearby Mercer Meadows for several long Sunday runs, with the sole purpose of going to Terhune Orchards after.



Photo by Nicole Marven

Though known for its apples, of which the stand sells many types, Terhune also provides other fresh vegetables and fruits, depending on the season. Also, make sure to try some of its other products, such as the freshly baked apple bread or the apple salsa. Though flowers are not always offered at the stand, my roommates and I once bought three pots of blooms from Terhune after unsuccessfully trying to find a florist on Nassau Street.


Photo by Morgan Lucey

So, on your next trip to the Princeton University Farmers’ Market, make sure to check out Terhune Orchards! Even if all you buy is a single apple, you won’t be disappointed.