You'd think growing up royal would expose you to a lot of new cultures. I mean, whether he's jet setting off to Australia, or touring Europe, it's safe to say that Prince Harry has experienced more than the average person. 

However, the average American probably has a leg up on the royal when it comes to campfire snacking. Earlier this week while visiting a nature reserve in Lancashire, England, Prince Harry admitted that he had never had a s'more. WHAT?

“I’ve never toasted marshmallows over a campfire. They’re too sweet for me,” he told People. “But I’ve made campfires and slept under the stars more than I’ve slept in a bed.”

It's hard to believe that one could resist an ooey, gooey, deliciously simple s'more while sitting around a campfire. But the royals are known to have some different eating habits—the Queen has banned garlic from the palace, and 4-year-old Prince George eats salmon with salsa verdi at school. 

So, maybe Prince Harry has never had a s'more, but, to each his own. However, I wonder if he's ever had a pudgy pie