Boston has no shortage of different types of food. Any culture you can think of is represented. While most cuisines tend to stay within the same price range, Japanese restaurants can really range in price. 

Our addiction to everything from avocado nigiri to shrimp tempura maki has made us completely vulnerable to restaurants setting prices however high they want to – we’re willing to pay anything for that spicy mayo–crabstick filled California roll, but it’s time we try to remember that we’re all on budgets. If everything is expensive, the best we can do is make sure we’re getting our money’s worth.


Located in Fenway and on Commonwealth, Basho has offered BU students a saving dose of Japanese food with its customisable rice bowls and nigiri.

However, there comes a time when your dining plan begins to strain after your casual card-swiping – 30 dining points is a lot for just a bowl and some pieces of sushi.

That being said, it is more likely to give you your money’s worth. Not only can those same 30 dollars get you more food, but they also let you pick from a wider variety of options.


The most expensive of the selection, Douzo has several dishes that are rarely seen in any other restaurant (except for those of the same price level) – it’s not common in Japanese restaurants for you to be able to add quail to every dish.

My favourites here include the gyoza and the special crunchy roll. But remember kids, this is a place to come to with your parents (and their credit card). Average spending here can be anywhere between $20 to $50, but if you’re eating so much that you spend $50 (or more), you may want to consider the next option. Let’s be real, we don’t need really need quail egg or caviar on everything that we eat.

Yamato/Yamato II

Located in Brighton and Back Bay, Yamato would have to be my personal favourite. With an all-you-can eat arrangement for $20 on weekdays and $30 on weekends, this place is a haven for any sushi eater.

Yes – this is a bit more than your average Basho spend, but if you play your cards right you can really take advantage of this potentially endless quantity of food. I usually starve myself the whole day and really go crazy here for dinner. This also makes it the ideal place to go for a binge eating session when you're super stressed – you can alternate between being in Mugar and being in Yamato for finals week.

And if for a second you’re thinking, hey, I want a break from sushi (although I don’t know why anyone would) you can choose any type of rice or noodle dish too. My personal favourites – the spicy beef noodle in soup, the sweet potato roll, and a whole lot of sushi.