Colgate's new President Brian Casey is a hit around campus. He's highly personable, too, which is awesome for students. We decided to sit him down and get his take on the food here in Central New York, and here are his definitive rankings:

1. Barbecue - Holy Smoke BBQ Truck 

Although not always on campus, it is definitely a must have when the truck visits for events at Colgate. Doug's Holy Smoke BBQ was the first thing to come to President Casey's mind when asked about his top things to eat in Hamilton. If you can't decide what to get, President Casey recommends the pulled pork sammy

2. Tollhouse Pie - Colgate Inn

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Willis Manelski

If you went to the Colgate Inn for dinner and didn't order the Tollhouse cookie pie for dessert, did you really eat at the Inn??? The tollhouse cookie pie proves yet again to be a must have for anyone in Hamilton, including President Casey.  If you have never ordered it, what could convince you more than two thumbs up for President Casey himself. 

3. Chicken Tenders - 1965 Hockey Arena

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Kimberly McGrath

Hopefully by this time everyone on campus has got to see and experience the AMAZING Class of 1965 Hockey Arena. Equipped with a NHL worthy jumbo-tron, brand new team locker rooms, and apparently some of the best chicken tenders around. Considering these chicken tenders are one of his favorite things to eat here at Colgate, I suggest everyone tries them ... and support both our hockey teams.

4. Rosemary Salt Bagels - Flour & Salt Bakery

Although it might not be your typical bagel choice, President Casey could not say enough about the rosemary salt bagel at Flour & Salt Bakery. Definitely one of his favorite secret gems in Hamilton, he calls this bagel "addictive." Pair it with Flour and Salt's local butter or cream cheese and you are in for a mouth watering President approved breakfast. 

5. Slice - New York Pizzeria 

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Mallory Shaner

Even our president can't resist a good old fashioned New York Slice. As a New Jersey native, President Casey says he definitely appreciates a great slice of pizza. Like most of us Colgate students he turns to Slices to satisfy any pizza craving he may have. But what we really wanna know is what kind of sauce is his favorite.