It is no secret that UD is “the land of the free and home of the dage.” We perfected the dage and to put it simply, it’s a way of life. St. Patty’s Day, easily the biggest dage holiday, is coming up. Blue Hens will turn green and finally get out in the sun. It’s easy to decide to go out, but not as simple to pick the perfect spot for that essential post dage meal. Use this quiz to find out which Main St. staple matches your style.


  1. When do you dage?

  2. What's your favorite part about daging?

  3. What's the most important part of your dage look?

  4. Where is the best place to dage?

  5. What is the best dage occasion?

  6. What food do you crave when you're drunk?

  7. Finally, what time does your pregame start?