As we all mourn the passing of this year's Halloween, we now can look back at all of the creative and wacky costumes everyone wore. While some UIUC students dressed up as the typical cop or athlete, others spiced things up by being their favorite food or drink.

Spoon UIUC had a costume contest called #SpBOOnCostume, where UIUC students could submit pictures of their food or drink themed costumes for a chance to win a gift card to their favorite restaurant on campus.

Although Spoon UIUC received tons of pictures of amazing and creative costumes, only one person could be the winner. With that said, the winner of #SpBOOnCostume is.

Red Solo Cup Duo

What good is any drink if it doesn't come out of a Red Solo Cup? Congratulations to @charcharbear2 for winning #SpBOOnCostume! 

Spoon UIUC had a hard time deciding on just one winner being that they received so many creative entries. Here are some food and drink costumes that were hits among UIUC students this Halloween:


Dressing up as a strawberry was one of the more popular costumes this Halloween. Not only is this costume super cute, but it is also cheap and easy to make. Take this costume one step further by having your whole squad dress up as fruit and go as Fruit of the Loom next Halloween.

Alcoholic Beverage

What better way to make an entrance to a party than dressing up as your favorite alcoholic beverage? If you also start pouring up some shots, like these tasty ones, you are bound to be the life the party. Simply just print out the logo of a drink, tape it to a fun outfit and start partying.


A pumpkin is not only meant for carving spooky Jack-O'-Lanterns—it also works as a great idea for a costume. This is the perfect idea for a last minute costume that won't have people hesitantly asking you what you are supposed to be.

Although October 31 has passed, we have the whole year ahead of us to start thinking of costumes for next Halloween. If you are ever in doubt of what to dress up as, whether it be for Halloween or a random costume party, always go with the good ole' food or drink costume. Everyone will know what you are and the possibilities are endless.