His Instagram biography reads "LA stray pup (mix breed unknown) turned food connoisseur." Popeye the Foodie Dog was rescued by restaurateurs, Ivy Diep and her husband. Now, the pup is the face of an Instagram account with over 183K followers. That's a lot of attention for such a little dog. 

The Start of It All

Encouraged by a friend to create an account for Popeye, his owners wanted to take a unique approach. "We ate out a lot and would take pics of our food. When Popeye joined the family, he always wanted to tag along with us, and we realized that he was really good around food and our food pics started to include him," Diep explained. Using the combination of mouth-watering eats and an adorable pooch, it's no wonder Popeye's photos took off.

The Best Grub in LA

Popeye's photos are the perfect guide to pet-friendly restaurants around Los Angeles. Unless mentioned otherwise in the caption, your furry friend should be allowed to sit at your table for two. Scrolling through his grid is a surefire way to get your stomach grumbling and your restaurant bucket list growing. There's no "favorite" restaurant; Popeye and his owners are just happy that the mild weather of LA allows them to enjoy eating outside.

Pass On the Kibbles

Although Chick-fil-A tends to give Popeye a little something when he stops by, most of the time he's content with the treats that are brought along by his owners. However, this sneaky pup isn't shy with "people food;" Popeye has been known to go for the McDonald's chicken nuggets. Usually he's happy enough to simply pose with a wide range of cuisine. 

Finished drooling over those plates and cooing over those adorable puppy dog eyes? Shoot Popeye a follow so his adorable face and scrumptious meals can bless your timeline.