Between dodging questions about your nonexistent significant other from your grandma, and getting that bizarre gift from your crazy aunt (sorry Aunt Margaret), family gatherings are awkward AF. Barbara Dalton from Bloomfield, Missouri created a new party game to liven up your next holiday party called Poop the Potato.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a recent Facebook video went viral of adults pooping potatoes. Yes, you read that right: pooping potatoes. If you aren't one of the almost 40 million people who have seen it yet, check it out here. I decided to give it a try and see what all the hype is about.

What You Need:

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Danielle Pasalich

Potatoes are the most important element of this game. Next, you need 2 trashcans, buckets, or empty christmas bags (really anything that can catch the potatoes). Lastly, you'll need to find 3 or more wacky relatives who will agree to play with you (even numbers are prime).

How to Play:

- Place the two buckets at one end of the room

- Split up into two teams and line up on the opposite side of the room

- Give each person a potato to stick between their legs

- One at a time, 1 person from each team waddles over to their teams' bucket

- Upon reaching the bucket, squat and release or "poop" the potato into the bucket

- After the person from your team has pooped the potato into the bucket, the next person in line can go.

- Keep this going until no one on your team is left

- The first team to have everyone poop the potato, wins

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Danielle Pasalich

The Verdict:

Okay, so there really is no point of this game. However, it was funny AF. Who doesn't like watching other people look ridiculous pooping potatoes? Poop the Potato is a must try at your next party.