Boring blue pool floats and innertubes have been slowly making their way out of style. Basic blue floats can't convey your personality, and they certainly aren't Instagram-worthy. Remember Taylor Swift's epic swan float? Or maybe you've seen Kim Kardashian's new "Butt Pool Float" based off her Kimoji line. If you're not a fan of birds or butts, however, there's a bunch of trendy floats out there that everyone can get behind- food. This summer you can float in style on your favorite foods and look fly as hell while doing it.

First you've got to reach into your soul and ask yourself, "If I were a food, what would I be?". Then you have to reach into your pocket and ask yourself, "How broke am I?". Once you've uncovered the answers to these two questions, it's time to do some shopping. For those of you balling on a budget, the following list is priced from low to high.

American Eagle Drink Float

Price: $9.95

These little guys are so cute. Now your margarita can float alongside you.

Target Big Mouth Pool Floats

Price: $19.99-$29.99 

From pizza to cupcakes, Target's collection is elite. Whichever spirit food is yours, they probably have it, and at a decent price. 

Big Mouth Avocado Float

Price: $24.95

How much trendier can one actually be? 

Improvements Pizza Slice Float

Price: $39.99 per slice

While this one lies on the pricier (and cheesier) side, this pizza float is pretty epic. 

Urban Outfitters Watermelon Float

Price: $40.00

If you're feeling fruity, this one's for you. Urban also offers a variety of other foods like a giant salted pretzel that can fit up to 3 people, a margarita float, and even a beer mug float complete with cupholders. 

Walmart Inflatable Ice Cream Sandwich Float

Price: $54.99

This picture has my sweet tooth tingling. Walmart also has an epic everything bagel float, which is definitely my spirit food. 

With all of the yummy floats to choose from, there's no shortage of stylish rides for all of your lounging needs, and you definitely don't need to break the bank. If you channel your inner food-lover with one of these floats this summer, tag us on Instagram @spoonuniversity so we can join in the fun!