It’s 3 am. You have an exam worth 60% of your final grade at 9 in the morning. You’re lying in bed with bloodshot eyes because you’ve been studying for 7 hours straight. You feel extremely tired, but you can’t sleep because you’re so anxious about the test. You hear a BANG. All of a sudden a steaming mug of chamomile tea is in your hands and the smell of lavender fills your nose. Half an hour later, you’re snoozing away and happily dreaming of cronuts.

Who saved you from waking up like a frazzled zombie? You can thank the two super herbs: chamomile and lavender.

In reality, these are just common herbs helping common students. All of us can relate to catching a cold or feeling bloated after a big meal. Once in a while, you may want to opt out of the over-the-counter solutions. Instead, grab these natural and budget-friendly herbs.

Think of them as the Avengers of the food world (no big deal). Here are 6 types of students and how each super herb can save their day:

Hangover Henry + Ginger


Photo by Alexandra Miminis

After one too many Jäger bombs, Henry woke up wearing a pirate hat and Crocs on his hands. Not only was the sun too bright, but he was nauseous as well. Henry was supposed to have a productive day but he could barely make it out of bed.

Henry should have called upon ginger. Ginger helps relieve the nausea and motion sickness that comes with hangovers. It’s available as a powder, oil, juice, fresh, and dried.

An easy way to incorporate ginger into your diet is to make a cup of tea. There are tons of ready-made options, but we suggest that you make your own ginger tea. Also, after a night of drinking, your body needs proper nourishment and you can benefit from putting ginger in hearty soups or stir fries.

Cold Claudia + Thyme


Photo by Adeena Zeldin

A symphony of sniffles could be heard from Claudia’s bed as yet another empty tissue box got deposited outside her door. Claudia had 99 equations left to do, and she couldn’t afford for this cold to be one.

Claudia should have asked for thyme. Thyme can help combat colds by alleviating coughing and boosting immunity. Adding thyme and honey to boiling water makes a tea that soothes an inflamed throat. It can also be used in a comforting meal like this butternut squash with thyme and garlic. It even has cold fighting properties.

Sleepless Sam + Chamomile


Photo by Adeena Zeldin

With the excitement of a promotion, the constant reciting of Latin terms and the question of what to eat for breakfast the next morning, Sam had too much on her mind. She was exhausted and had a big day ahead of her, but her thoughts wouldn’t let her sleep.

Sam needed some chamomile. This herb has been used as a sleep aid since ancient times and the scent itself is soothing enough to put you into a relaxed state. Chamomile tea is a warm and comforting method to reap the benefits. This herb is so common that everyone (including Sam) can count on its availability.

With all the events in Sam’s busy life, she sometimes forgets to eat, which is a problem because hunger can also cause sleepiness. If Sam paired a cup of chamomile tea with an equally steamy mug of oatmeal and peanut butter, she would be asleep in t-minus 3 sheep.

Down in the Dumps Devon + Sage


Photo by Adeena Zeldin

Like the wise and ancient Hannah Montana once sang: “Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days.” We could totally relate to Devon, who got dumped by his girlfriend and then dropped his dinner tray in a packed dining hall.

Devon deserved to give himself a little TLS (tender, love, and sage). Sage leaves can be transformed into tea, candles, incense, and essential oil. Any of these methods are beneficial in uplifting even the moodiest of moods. If it’s too warm for tea, combine sage with fruit and cold water for an infused drink combo that will surely put a smile on your face.

Anxious Andrew + Lavender


Photo by Adeena Zeldin

Years of hard work and dedication had led Andrew to being extremely anxious about an interview with the corporation of his dreams: The Walt Disney Company. His heart was racing, his knees were weak, his palms were sweaty, and he was way too nervous to eat some spaghetti.

Andrew could have unwound with the help of lavender. Lavender is a multitalented herb that can alleviate issues with your mind, body, and skin. Just the beautiful yet powerful scent can promote relaxation. Like Andrew, you could use lavender oil as a form of aromatherapy to calm down nerves and refocus.

The plant is also aesthetically pleasing, so Andrew could have included it in a thank you bouquet to his employers once he got the career of his dreams.

Bloated Beth + Mint


Photo by Adeena Zeldin

Three slices of deep dish pizza, a handful of bacon wrapped mozzarella sticks, chia pudding, and a spoonful or two of Nutella for good measure. It’s safe to say that a food baby was born that evening, and even though it was totally worth it, Beth probably wasn’t feeling too great afterwards.

Beth could have used some mint in her life. Mint is another herb that has been used for ages because of its assistance with upset stomachs and indigestion. By incorporating the versatile herb in a drink or dish, Beth could finally find relief. She would’ve also benefited from a freshened breath (especially after that mixture of food).

Once her stomach was back up to optimal performance, mint helped Beth celebrate by being used in this honeydew mojito.