When you're running around campus all day, you know you get hungry. Fueling up with a good, hearty lunch before studying and listening to lectures all day is super important to keep your energy up. We know that eating out can really break the bank though, so here's a list of some quick and easy places close to the UT campus where you can grab lunch for under $10.

1. Chipotle

No one can deny that the food at Chipotle is superb. This place is a favorite lunch spot because everything on the menu is under $10. Whether you get a bowl, tacos, or a burrito, this meal is perfect for any college budget.

2. Thai How Are You?   

Everyone's seen the iconic "Hi, How Are You?" frog on the wall of 21st and Guadalupe — and Thai, How Are You really jumped on the opportunity to make the most of it.  All of the stir fry, curry, fried rice, and noodles are under $10 (without an added protein). Even some of the sushi rolls are within our budget, making this a great spot for lunch.

3. Potbelly

Every item on the Potbelly menu is under $10, making this one of the fastest and cheapest places to grab a quick lunch. You can pair a sandwich with some chips and STILL be under that $10 limit, or a salad if you're feeling some greens. 

4. Verts

Verts is a healthy Mediterranean eatery located on the Drag. You can order a kebap (a pita that's stuffed with whatever you want), salad, rice, or quinoa, along with the protein of your choice. All the items on their menu are a great meal for lunch and under $10.

6. Which Which

This sandwich shop is a great place to get a sandwich that is made your way. With their unique method of ordering, every sandwich that is a small or medium is under $10. Time to pile on the toppings.

7. Don Japanese Food Truck

If you've ever seen a huge line behind the Co-op, this is the place that everyone is queuing up for.  This delicious food truck serves authentic Japanese cuisine that tastes amazing and is super affordable. The only downside? You might have to carve out at least an hour of your time to eat here.

8. Austin Acai

With fresh fruit and healthy granola, Austin Acai is a great place to get something bright and filling for lunch. Most items are within our $10 limit and will satisfy any sweet craving you have.

9. Space 24 Twenty

This groovy atmosphere behind Urban Outfitters is a great place to get a quick bite — you can grab a burger from Symon's Burger Joint or try out Venezuelan food at Four Brothers. Plus, the cutest coffee food truck aka Lucky Lab is also located here, ready to fill you up with coffee before you head to class. 

Next time you are looking for a spot to eat lunch around campus but don't have a lot of cash, any of these locations will fill you up with good food without hurting your wallet too much.