My curiosity inspired the writing of this article. Instagram's pizza tattoos has everything you could imagine and let me tell you, I definitely don't regret looking into it.

Slice To Meet Ya

I think this is one of those instances where the tattoo is just as perky as the the tattoo'd. And I love it.

Teeny Tiny Little Cutie

I have to admit, I do love the trend of tiny tattoos. Even though they're subtle, they're cute and fun to find. Even celebrities are getting all kinds of small food tattoos.

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

This is probably my favorite tat on this entire list. Maybe it's the fact that it completely represents how I react when I see a pizza, or maybe it's the grunge look. I haven't decided yet but either way, I'm sure we can all agree that this is a pretty dope tattoo.

Plain and Simple

This person clearly just wanted to get their point set straight. "I like pizza" and that's it. Why make it more complicated than that?

Live by The Slice...Die by The Slice

The dedication here is real...It's safe to say that this relationship is definitely more stable than Drake and Rihanna's.

My First Crush

I would be lying if I told you I couldn't remember my first crush. And yes, what you're thinking is right...PIZZA was my very first crush (and I bet it was yours, too).

Once I set my eyes on that hot slice of cheesy pie, I knew it would be in my life forever.

Maybe It Was The Munchies

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What better tattoo to get a than one of your two favorite things? Pizza is a munchie must have. I doubt you'll regret a tattoo of something that beautiful.

Pizza Is The New Coffee

In the morning, most of us have coffee so we can even slightly cope with the fact that we have a long day ahead of us. But is one cup enough? I didn't think so.

Everyone always needs a refill; but the truth is we don't need coffee to feel better, we need pizza. I guarantee a couple of slices of pizza is the fix you need to feel better.

Have a Pizza My Heart...

I feel like couples who get tattoos together get sh*t on a lot but this one's pretty creative. This pizza-loving couple really captured the phrase, "you're a piece of me." I guess she's the piece that makes him whole.

So now that you've seen all of these unique tattoos, do you feel inspired? Even if you're not a fan, they're at least these are fun to look at, right?