Earlier this month, vegans in the UK were elated to learn that five of their Pizza Hut locations would be offering vegan cheese from October 11 until November 26 as a trial run. While vegan cheese may not be available in the United States or Canada (yet), don't sweat. There are still plenty of mouthwatering Pizza Hut vegan options available. 

#SpoonTip: Unless you live in the UK, remember to order your pizza with NO CHEESE, because milk, yo.

Vegan Crusts

Salted Pretzel Flavored

If you prefer salty over sweet, this is the crust for you. Other than the salt, the pretzel crust is fairly similar to traditional Pizza Hut crusts but without the milk and eggs. Without the saltiness from cheese, you can really appreciate the taste and texture of the pretzel crust and how it compliments the fresh veggies. 

Thin N' Crispy

Not a fan of doughy pizza? Stick with this thin, cracker-like crust. The Thin N' Crispy Crust was designed and perfected by a team of engineering undergrads from Johns Hopkins University. I kid you not. The team spent an entire semester studying ways to prolong the crispiness of the crust. 

Skinny Slice

Senior Nutritionist Rachel Huber is one of 50 registered dieticians working alongside major chains, like Pizza Hut, to improve the quality of ingredients. She suggests ordering the Skinny Slice for a lighter pizza option. With approximately 250 less calories than a "traditional" slice of pizza, consider switching to the Skinny Slice Crust—regardless of whether or not you're vegan—for a more nutritionally balanced meal. 

Vegan Sauces

Classic Marinara

You can't go wrong with classic tomato sauce. This light and subtle sauce is composed primarily of tomato puree with a touch of salt, olive oil, and spices. With the sauce taking a back seat, your toppings can be the start of the pizza.


I bet you didn't expect to see this on the Pizza Hut vegan menu! Don't ask me how or why, just thank the pizza gods. However, the BBQ sauce is not vegan because it contains honey. Choose this buffalo flavor if you're craving a bolder and more dramatic sauce. 

Vegan Toppings

All the Veggies

The Premium Garden Veggie Pizza has green peppers, red onions, mushrooms, Roma tomatoes, and roasted spinach.

Get creative and design your own custom pizza. Go for a Mediterranean vibe with some black olives, tomato, green peppers, and red onion. The Jillian Classic would include pineapple, black olives, mushrooms, green pepper, and spinach. The more veggies, the better, right?

Regardless of what veggies you choose, just remember: NO CHEESE. 


Sweet Chilli, Buffalo, and Balsamic vinaigrette are vegan, but again, not the BBQ sauce. Drizzle adds an air of sophistication, especially on top of a layer of fresh spinach. 

Other Vegan Munchies


Dip 'em in poutine sauce (if you live in Canada), Buffalo sauce, or good old ketchup. 

Cinnamon Sticks with Icing

Dessert is the most important meal of the day. Pizza Hut may be know for pizza (duh) but they also have killer Cinnamon Sticks for dessert. Surprisingly, the icing is also vegan, so go nuts!

With veganism becoming more widespread, I am hopeful that a vegan cheese option will soon be available worldwide. Until then, enjoy these Pizza Hut vegan items the next time.