Too lazy to cook this week while trying to get into the swing of things? Pizza Hut's got your back. The pizza chain wants to woo customers with a deal that's hard to pass up. Pizza Hut is offering 50% off all purchases, now until January 9th. 

Download the Pizza Hut app or visit because the deal is only valid if you order online. Click on the 50% deal tile to snag your half-priced pie. The discount only applies to pizza (which is totally fine—not like I was going to order a Pizza Hut salad anyways.), and it does not apply to breadsticks. Bummer.

This deal comes after Dominos proved that its mobile ordering has significantly increased sales. Pizza Hut has had mobile ordering, but hasn't seen the same amount of success as Domino's. Although, 70% of its online sales coming from mobile devices. reports CNBC

"The weeks after the holiday season can be financially tight for many," Pizza Hut CMO, David Timm said in a statement. "With this quick and easy offer, we're making sure Pizza Hut fans can enjoy the pizza they love without breaking the bank."

Thank you for considering my wallet, Pizza Hut. I can defintiely use a half-priced Supreme pizza in my life...all to myself. So whether you need cheap drunk food, you're too lazy to cook this week, or you're still hungover from NYE, now is the time to take advantage of Pizza Hut's enticing 50% off deal. Discount lasts until January 9th.