We are about halfway through the Olympics, and just like the rest of the world, I have been avidly watching the competition from the comfort of my couch. Seeing the Olympians compete in the heart of Tokyo had made me wonder what meals could be a staple dish for watching the games. Lucky for us, an answer has arrived in the form of a cheesy, saucy, and decadent masterpiece.

About a week ago, Pizza Hut Japan released an item that’s a carnivore’s dream…behold the "Decathlon Pizza." It’s a massive creation of TEN different kinds of meat: beef bulgogi, three types of bacon, pulled pork, beef ribs, two types of sausages, pepperoni, and teriyaki chicken. The ingredients themselves are a mouthful to repeat, and on top of that this pizza has four (!) more meats than the “Meat Lover’s” pizza. It seems that Pizza Hut Japan wanted to set a record for itself in the number of meat ingredients on its pizzas, and it definitely has won gold in that category with the Decathlon.

Personally, I can eat pizza day and night — I find that there are endless combinations of toppings and sauces you can experiment with on a pizza, and there is little that can waver my love for a great slice. That being said, hearing about this new item had made me both curious and fearful. This seems like a dish that would make my stomach happy, but my arteries clogged. It would truly be a journey to venture a few slices of this hefty pie, but it’s one that I would happily embark on in the spirit of the Olympics.

This isn’t the first time U.S. chain restaurants have produced unique items in Japan. Just as the Decathlon has been added to my food wish list, so has the McFloat Blue Hawaii from McDonald’s, a mochi ring donut from Dunkin Donuts, and the Kuro Diamond burger from Burger King. These items are from brands that we’re so used to seeing in the United States, yet they are unique in a way that they’re only sold in a country halfway across the world. Seeing how chains like Pizza Hut can look so different in another country is fascinating to me, and I love seeing unique menu items such as the Decathlon come into play during monumental events such as the Olympics.

If given the chance, I would venture a piece of the Decathlon Pizza while cheering on in a furious game of volleyball or a tense competition of fencing. Like sports have been in current times, food is something that can really bring people from vastly different parts of the world together. Whether it’s a Pizza Hut menu item sold in Japan or tonkotsu ramen on the streets of Tokyo, people who come from various walks of life can come together to experience a country’s food scene. Learning about how food differs in other countries — even from chains like Pizza Hut, continues to heighten my curiosity and exploration of dishes. Here’s to a happy Olympics and good eats!