Pizza places are becoming more and more tech savvy, making it easier for customers to order pizza at the touch of a button. Or now, even the touch of a shoe. Pizza Hut is bringing back its Pie Tops, the pizza-ordering shoes, for the second year in a row.


Yes, I just said "pizza-ordering shoes." They're real, and they're awesome. This year, however, the shoes, called Pie Tops II, can also pause your television so you can get up to get your pizza from the delivery person without missing a beat. Welcome to the future, kids. 

The shoes come with Bluetooth technology that you can connect with your phone through a Pie Tops app. When you press a smart button in the shoe's tongue, you can order a pizza. Press the other tongue and you can pause your screen. It's pretty legit.

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

The shoes were designed by The Shoe Surgeon, Dominic Chambrone (@theshoesurgeon). They come in two different colors, red and "wheat," with features like an "extreme marinara splash, cheese grater mesh, branded Pizza Hut lace tags, extra 'cheese pull' laces, and branded inner soles." Pie Tops II are available in men's, women's and teen's sizes—they're fun for the whole fam!  

Where You Can Get Them

Photo courtesy of Pizza Hut

If you need these in your life, Pizza Hut will be releasing 50 Pie Tops II on the week of March 19. But you'll have to follow @PizzaHut and @Hypebeast for more details on price, how to purchase, and how to access multiple pairs if one is just not enough. The'll release more information the week of the 19th.

But Still, Why?

Pizza Hut is focusing on delivery and digital ordering this year, so naturally, someone at the company was like, "Ah! I got it—shoes. Press the tongue. Order a pie. Boom."

Actually, there was probably more thought that went into the shoes than that. Pizza Hut is the Official Pizza of the NCAA March Madness and the Final Four. Hence, the Pie Tops II are also high tops and perfect for the court (or the couch I guess). During the tournament, Pizza Hut will also offer a special deal of two topping medium pizzas for $5.99 each when you order two or more so you can actually ball out. 

Remember when you were a kid and your parents were all like, in the future, they'll probably have flying cars and whatnot? Well, flying cars might be more practical, and equally more dangerous, but I don't foresee those coming anytime soon. No—we have pizza ordering shoes.