If you’re anything like me, you’re guilty of spending way more time than you’re willing to admit gawking at food porn. May it be Instagram, Buzzfeed, Spoon U or Pinterest, any true foodie has their “to make” list of epic looking dishes.

I’ve always wondered if your average college student who has mastered the makeshift meal (like yours truly) can actually make the food look as unreal as it does in the pictures.


The expectation…via Pinterest.

That’s where my challenge comes in: can I make a dish look as beautifully epic as it does on Pinterest? Combining two of my favorite foods, mac and cheese and pizza, I decided to strive to make a mac and cheese pizza. Best decision ever.

I bought Pillsbury pizza dough to make the pizza crust and found a recipe for a mac and cheese dish and a recipe to make the pizza.

Step 1: Make the pizza crust. Let’s just say things started out a bit rough for Jaclyn, my cooking partner, and I. We couldn’t get the dough into a circle without ripping it, so we went with it and turned it into a square. Not off to the best start, but we had faith.


Photo by Jessica Spivack

Step 2: Make the mac and cheese. Things were looking up, as the recipe was pretty simple. Not to brag, but we killed it.


Photo by Jessica Spivack

Step 3: Combine the two: game time. Could we seal the deal? We coated the pizza crust with olive oil, improvising by using a spatula in place of the cooking brush that the recipe suggested. We poured the mac and cheese on the pasta and only lost a few noodles to the cookie sheet. Next, we coated the pasta with a layer of shredded cheese because what dish can’t use an extra layer of cheese?


Photo by Jessica Spivack

Step 4: Bake the pizza for 8 minutes. It’s pretty hard to mess up putting something in the oven and watching the time, so I’m proud to say we went out with a bang.


Photo by Jessica Spivack

But…did it turn out as epic as it looked on Pinterest? No.

Did it taste like one of the best things we’ve ever made? Yes.