If people want to blame millennials for the rainbow or colorful food trend, go ahead. Social media is obvi the fuel behind the phenomenon, and by the amount of likes I saw on pink chocolate posts, it's clear the trend is not going anywhere. However, we may have just peaked. Pink prosecco cheese exists, and the world will never be the same.

Combining three major millennial food groups—cheese, bubbly wine, and pink (whatever, it's a food group now)—this cheese is going to be all over Insta and hopefully, all up on my plate. 

Pink Prosecco Cheese (actually sold as "Wensleyday with Raspberries & Prosecco") comes from The Great British Cheese Company, who in the past, have also been known to make a fancy cheese with cranberries around Christmas-time. 

According to The Great British Cheese Company, who spoke to Pretty 52, the cheese is a "crumbly but milky Wensleydale." When paired with raspberries and Prosecco, the sweetness of the fruit and the acidity from the wine creates "a creamy but sweet raspberry-flavoured cheese." 

Yeah, all of that sounds delicious. 

It retails for £4.50 ($5.92) per 200g, so it's pretty cheap, too. But unfortunately, this dream boat of a cheese wheel is only sold and shipped in the UK. So if you have any nice British friends or friends studying abroad that want to bring back some cheese for the holidays, hit them up. Until then, looks like you'll have to save up for a trip across the pond.