If you're an avid Instagrammer like me you've probably seen these beautiful pink pineapples all over your feed. I was curious to find out their deal and if I'd ever get the chance to taste one. 

What is a pink pineapple?

A pink pineapple is a pineapple with a pinkish/redish exterior and interior. Aka the Ananas bracteatus for those scientific people. Recently, the pink pineapple has been getting some attention. Del Monte Fresh Produce Co. has been trying trying to grow a new pineapple variety since 2005 and it was just approved by the FDA. It looks a little something like this.

Why are they controversial? 

The new Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) will be called the Rosé pineapple, as opposed to its daunting scientific name. GMO's have always faced scrutiny by the public. Produce companies will alter the genetic material of the organism to create a beneficial outcome. For example, there is wheat that is disease-resistant, corn that produces its own insecticide and apples that are modified to resist browning. However, GMO's are said to be unhealthy because they change the natural make up of the food we eat and can also have negative effects on the environment. There are many people both for GMO's and against them, which brings me back to the new Rosé pineapple and its controversial make up. 

How will this be done?

Lycopene will be injected into the DNA of a normal pineapple. This is the pigment that can be found in watermelon and tomatoes that give the fruits their bright red/pink coloring. It will give the flesh and exterior of the fruit a pinkish tint. The inside of the fruit is even said to be sweeter than the average yellow pineapple

What is purpose of the pink pineapple?

The new pink pineapple is definitely going to be fun to eat. It's a pink fruit after all. They also can be used for gardening or decoration. There are even some Rosé pineapple enjoyers who get the new fruit variety for its opportune selfie abilities.

Whatever your desire, we can expect to see these soon now that the FDA has given Del Monte the go ahead on the genetically engineered pink pineapples

And YES, these are safe to eat.