The buzz is that Pink Himalayan Salt is the new miracle to cure a plethora of aliments, while containing less sodium. 

This is a salt targeted toward anyone desperate to boost their immune system, decrease stress, or induce better sleeping habits.

Pink Himalayan Salt, what is it?

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Bethany Garcia

Essentially, Pink Himalayan Salt is similar to table salt with both containing around 98% sodium chloride and 2% trace minerals, such as: calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. 

While most people think it contains less sodium than table salt; it does not. Pink Himalayan Salt is actually just cut into bigger pieces which helps you use a smaller amount.

#SpoonFact: Pink Himalayan Salt gets its color due to its iron oxide content.

We NEED iodine

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Micaela Petrucci

Since 1924 Iodine has been an important mineral added into our diets. The human body needs a sufficient amount of iodine in order to function properly. This is important to note because Pink Himalayan Salt is deficient in iodine, which is why I believe Pink Himalayan Salt may just be another fad. 

Have you ever heard of Morton salt? Of course you have, it's probably sitting in your pantry. Unlike Pink Himalayan Salt, this common table salt does contain iodine, and may be better for you. 

If you do consume too much salt you may increase the risk of hypertension with time. However, table salt is beneficial in relation to its iodine content, the iodine in table salt wards off goiters. 

When I say goiters, you may be picturing some big scary monster or a nasty virus. However, a goiter is a large baseball looking tumor on the neck. This is the result from a swollen thyroid gland.

Pink Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Molly McGeeney

Supporters of Pink Himalayan Salt aim to target anyone desperate to boost their immune system, decrease stress, or induce better sleeping habits; Pink Himalayan Salt lamps are just the item to fill that void. 

These lamps are large salt crystals precisely carved to fit a small bulb that can emit light from the inner cavity. While they usually display a pink to orange hue, they also come in many varieties from a dark brown to an off white.

Besides their beautiful appearance, many people believe that these lamps contain powers, including the ability to cure many afflictions.

Take a deep breath

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Restless nights, or troubled breathing are thought to be relieved by Pink Himalayan Salt lamps. Claims have been made that Pink Himalayan Salt lamps can be a natural filter, decrease the effects of indoor pollution, carry oxygen to the brain, relieve stress, and cure seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

Sadly, research is non-existent to prove such claims.

Salt lamps are also believed to give off negative ions similar to ones naturally produced by waterfalls and ocean waves. Maybe this is the reason we feel like children, with no worries or cares in the world when we are surrounded by a beautiful environment. 

What I learned from all of this

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Bethany Garcia

Research is key! Saying that Pink Himalayan Salt is a miracle "cure all"  is just like saying a farmer can water all of his fields with a spray bottle. It just isn't true. However, the mind is a powerful thing. If you personally believe your Pink Himalayan lamp eases your stress, or lets you fall asleep easier, then you do you.

When it comes to the salt you eat, you must really reconsider if always using Pink Himalayan Salt is the best choice. It is estimated that we receive 1/3 less iodine through food then we used to in the mid 1900's.

I don't know about you, but I will be pushing my Pink Himalayan Salt to the back of the cupboard and using only iodized salts to avoid all chances of developing a huge goiter on my neck! That usually requires surgical intervention and a lot of pain. Through this process I have definitely learned that we must fear the iodine.