Attention cookie lovers: for the first time ever, Pillsbury cookies are soft baked and ready to eat straight from the bag. No, I’m not talking about cookie dough, these cookies are already baked and literally ready to go. You can try the new Soft Baked Cookies from Pillsbury in four mouthwatering flavors: Chocolate Chip, Confetti, Sugar with Drizzled Icing, and Peanut Butter with Chocolatey Drizzle.

Whether you’re deciding which flavor to choose, or if you’re going to try all four fantastic flavors, just think how much time you’ll be saving now that these Pillsbury cookies are soft, chewy, and ready to eat straight from the sleeve. Pro tip: I recommend stacking the peanut butter ones and the chocolate chip ones together. Seriously, thank me later. Each pack of Soft Baked Cookies from Pillsbury contains 18 snackable ready-to-eat cookies in a resealable tray, perfect for eating anytime and you can pre-order them from Walmart here. Enjooy!