Oatmeal is a critical staple of my diet; nothing fuels me up better than a big bowl of oats with fruit, nuts, and other toppings. I’ve tried countless varieties of instant and cooked oats, so I consider myself to have a pretty discerning (some would say picky) taste for oatmeal. So when one of my favorite brands of energy bars, Picky Bars, came out with a delicious line of instant Picky Oats, I was intrigued.

Picky Bars Company

The Picky Bars company was founded by professional athletes who sought to create bars with easily digestible, wholesome ingredients, without sacrificing taste. These goals translated directly into their Picky Oats, which are all organic, gluten-free, GMO-free, soy-free, and vegan. How can something that’s free of so many typical sports-fuel ingredients still provide energy and taste?! Just reading about their flavors and ingredients – “How ‘Bout Dem Apples?”, “Game, Set, Matcha!”, and “Can’t Beet Chocolate” got my creative juices (and saliva) flowing.

The Flavors

Considering the 300+ bowls of oatmeal I consume every year, I thought I had tried every oat add-in there was. Then, I discovered Picky Oat’s “Game, Set, Matcha!” This oat mix is filled with goji berries, pepitas, and cardamom, all enveloped in a creamy blanket of matcha. Not only is this flavor combination delicious and filling, but it also packs in 25 mg of caffeine from matcha. So you can have your protein, fiber, and caffeine – and enjoy the taste too. 

Besides matcha, the other two flavors are equally impressive. Beets and chocolate?! Leave it to the creativity of food-obsessed athletes and scientists to come up with this combo. The ruby red beet powder in these oats plus the chocolate morsels almost tricks you into thinking you're eating red velvet cake. And the apple cinnamon harmony in "How 'Bout Dem Apples" takes this classic flavor profile to a whole new level with bits of apple and Red Ape organic sustainably sourced cinnamon.

Another unique aspect of Picky Oats is the variety of preparation methods. Unlike most instant oats, which require the addition of hot water or microwaving, Picky Oats can be made hot or cold. Overnight-oats enthusiasts, this will revolutionize your breakfasts. Just add some milk or yogurt to the packet, refrigerate for just an hour or overnight, and you have a delicious, creamy, bowl of oats in flavors that typical overnight oats can only dream of having.

Fuel for Any Activity

This oatmeal is the perfect energizing start to any day. Whether you’re a hiker seeking to blaze some trails, a camper waking up in the middle of the forest, or a student in for a long night of studying, these oats will provide sustained, wholesome energy your body needs. They're also great post-workout recovery fuel replenishing your muscles with 10 g of protein, while still tasting like dessert.

Head over to a grocery store to pick up some Picky products or visit their website for the full range. And while you’re there, definitely try some of their energy bars as well. One bite and you'll understand why these are our top pick for breakfast, any day of the week.