Family game nights: where memories are made and friendly rivalries are battled out. Whether it be a relaxed night with friends or a busy family affair, game nights are a fun time for all ages, provided there's some snacks to keep the festivities going.

The memories of playing games and having fun with my family are ones I keep forever. They are accompanied by the taste of good food and the sound of everyone's loud laughs. So if you need some snack ideas for you next game night, look no further. All you have to do is pick a family game night activity, and get a snack you should serve. 

Monopoly: Mac & Cheese

Monopoly is a game night classic: what can be more thrilling than a game of cash and chance? Even if you don't end up the victor of this game, you can still get a different kind of rich by serving up some creamy mac and cheese. This easy recipe from That Which Nourishes can serve a party of people, and is guaranteed to fill up everyone in no time. 

The Game of Life: A Box of Chocolates

As Forrest Gump famously recalled, "My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." That's why taking your chances at a rich and delicious piece of chocolate will be perfect when playing The Game of Life. 

Yahtzee: Dice Brownies

This clever but easy way to spruce up any brownie will be an instant hit while playing Yahtzee with your friends. Simply add white chocolate chips to the top of brownies in any combination and they're ready. It's that simple. Make your own brownies or add some frosting to store-bought ones, and this idea is sure to be a party-pleaser.

Texas Hold 'em: Cowboy Caviar

For a night full of Western fare, serve up some cowboy caviar at the table where you battle it out in Texas Hold 'em. This is the perfect savory game night snack. 

Although no actual caviar is in this delicious concoction, it's full of beans, vegetables, and spices that make game night feel truly Western. Try this amazing recipe for cowboy caviar from Culinary Hill that never fails.

Chess: Buttermilk Chess Squares

These hearty desserts are the perfect finale to a night full of fun and food. Although chess may be a complicated game, these simple Buttermilk Chess Bars from Taste of the South couldn't be simpler. Bringing these decadent bars to a game night will be sure to win you some allies. 

Although there are countless other games and infinite snacking possibilities, these are the greatest hits from my family's game night. Whether it be a small affair with a few friends or a huge family party, be sure to bring your best game face and your best snacks.