Every year the entirety of Philadelphia stresses about picking a romantic and delicious spot for their special date, but do not fret this year! I've compiled a list of places I've eaten at with my mans and I assure you every spot will deliver an amazing meal! I highlighted the more chill spots with relaxed atmospheres. Slap on every red or pink piece of clothing you own and prepare for some amazing Valentines Day date spots!

Relaxed BBQ

Erin Arnold

Khyber Pass Pub: Old City

At first glance Khyber Pass seems like just another super grungy Old City bar, but step into their side room decked in rainbow Christmas lights and get ready for bomb BBQ! Their menu is complete with MULTIPLE vegan barbecue options that my non-vegan partner approves of! Whether you're looking for a sit down meal or a beer and nachos at the bar, definitely check out Khyber Pass!

Chill Italian

Erin Arnold

24 Wood Fired Fare: University City/Fitler's Square

One of Garces Group's newest spots, 24 has become a favorite of mine for happy hour or a sit down dinner. Just over the Walnut Street Bridge, 24's menu is filled with artisan pizzas, classic Italian dishes, and a long wine list. Let me tell you from experience, their pizza sauce is the best sauce I've ever had. I don't eat cheese so my favorite dish at 24 is a margarita pizza with no cheese, and it's AMAZING. Even if you don't end up at 24 for V-day, make sure to check out their happy hour specials during the week, definitely worth the walk over the bridge!

Casual BYOB

Erin Arnold

Goldie: Center City

Falafel and tahini shakes, nuff said. Goldie is run by the chefs that run Valentine's Day classic spot, Zahav, and Philly favorite Federal Donuts, so you can be sure to count on this hot spot. Though the menu is short, every thing is insanely fresh and flavorful, and VEGAN. The star of the show is the crispy falafel and the rest of the menu complements, if you go you must try the tahini shakes, even if you've never had tahini (but seriously you're missing out if you've never had tahini). They are creamy and delicious. Goldie is super casual, but has a fun and young atmosphere, if you're looking for a quick spot or a cheap BYOB, be sure to check it out!

Quiet & Cozy

The Cambridge: South and Broad

Exposed brick and mason jars are abundant at The Cambridge on South Street. The creative British style restaurant, a little more on the pricer side but worth it with delicious entrees and cocktails. The Cambridge even has a Chicken Tikka Masala Pot Pie, the MOST British dish I've ever heard of, west of Birmingham. I recommend having a drink and an app at the bar to experience their unique drink menu!

We Make a Great Pear

Fogo is SO 2017! Try out one of these spots to for something a little different this year. Whether you're looking for chilli, falafel, or pot pie this Valentine's Day any of these jawns are sure to make your Philly Valentine swoon!