P.F. Changs always brings me back to my most precious middle school moments. Nothing was better for a pre-dance or post - PG-13 movie watching experience than some classic fried rice. P.F. Changs is now offering a new deal that could reel me back in for a bite this Thursday: free sushi. 

This deal is actually super simple, and it's not based off any irrelevant food holiday, but rather the mere goodness of the people at P.F. Changs. The chain is hosting a Free Sushi Day in which any customer can get a free sushi roll. That's it.

You can get either a California Roll or Spicy Tuna Roll, free of charge, tomorrow, Oct. 26. You do not have to buy any other items, you do not have to have an app, and you don't have to wear a ridiculous costume (I'm looking at you, Chick-fil-A), but you do have to dine-in. Just tell them you're there for Free Sushi Day, and voila! A roll is yours for free.

Most P.F. Changs' locations are participating in this deal (but sadly, Atlantic City, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico restaurants have opted out of the offering). 

So enjoy your free sushi, and while you're at it, go for the lettuce wraps—they're bomb.