Do you want to get someone special in your life something just as special as them? Maybe you want to add more of a personal touch to your gifts? There are ways to make sure that whoever you are shopping for knows you are willing to go that extra mile and get them something that says “I really know what you like.” Whether that means personalized flavors, colors, or just a fun message, you can have it all with this list of personalized gifts for food lovers in the form of snacks and sweets and maybe some soups, too. Consider this a gift guide for when you want to get personal.

Custom Oreos

Photo via OreoiD

On Oreo’s website, OreoiD, you can go through the process of decorating your own personal cookie. It starts with picking your filling — either white, orange, or birthday cake — and then picking a coating, either white or dark chocolate. Then, you choose the sprinkles you want around the outside edge. From there, you can add text, a design, or even upload your own image to be on the Oreo cookie. You can pick from just getting one cookie in a package (although you have to order 20 of them), to getting a 24 count, which costs $100.

Blendbee Custom Tea Blend

We all know that mixing and matching like a scientist is fun. I’m sure a lot of you have brewed different types of tea together at the same time to make some sort of franken-tea. With Blendbee, you can create your own custom loose tea to put together a blend even the biggest tea lover hasn’t tried. You can choose between caffeinated or decaffeinated and from a variety of tea bases along with add-ins like spices, florals, and all sorts of other ingredients to make your custom tea shine. Most of the ingredients on their list are organic too.

Custom M&Ms

Photo via M&M’s Configurator

Similarly to the Oreo creation process, there is a way to get custom M&Ms on the M&M’s Configurator. You can pick up to three colors and then choose the designs and text to go on the little candy treats. There are many packaging options to pick from to put your custom candies in of all different sizes and occasions. I know I would definitely want to receive the Me and You Gift Jar. It’s cute, okay?

I Want Candy Personalized Lollipops

Photo via I Want Candy

It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory on the I Want Candy website, where you can make your own personalized lollipops. You can choose the style, design, and flavor of your lollipops. There’s even an option to make an Instalolli, where you can connect your Instagram and get nine flat, square lollipops with nine different Insta pics on them.

Delight Patisserie Custom Shortbread Cookies

Photo via Delight Patisserie

We delve back into the realm of cookies with customizable shortbread from Delight Patisserie. These are cute little rectangular shortbread cookies with scalloped edges and a personalized message baked into each one. While you can only get one message per box, these cookies can have 12 characters on each line of text, and there are three lines available. That’s a lot of real estate for putting whatever you want on there. You can also get a red heart on each of your cookies, which is adorable. It’s $34.90 per box, and you get 16 cookies.

See’s Candies Custom Chocolate Box

Photo via See's Candies

The perfect gift is a customized box of chocolates (provided you know what the other person likes). With See’s Candies, you can choose from a wide variety of different chocolate confections to surprise someone with. You can either pick a white rectangular box or a red heart-shaped box, and then get started picking your sweets. If I had to make a choice, I always go with chocolates with coconut or caramel. You can also decide the ratio of chocolates, like if you’d like more coconut chocolates than caramel ones.

Spoonful Of Comfort Custom Soup Package

Photo via Spoonful of Comfort

If you’ve got a soup lover, get them their own custom soup package from Spoonful of Comfort. You can choose up to two flavors, and you also get half a dozen rolls to go with your soups. There are also cookies with five different flavors to choose from. What makes this package even more enticing is that you get to add other things for an additional cost, like a fluffy robe, skin care products, or toppers for the soup like chips or croutons. Definitely a care package I’d love to receive when I’m sick (which is pretty much all the time).

La Marguerite & Co. Personalized Macarons

Photo via Marguerite & Co

Macarons are basically the prized jewel of baked goods. Now you can get whatever you want on them because of La Marguerite & Co. Select an image you want to have printed on the macarons. You can get up to 108 macarons, although it will cost you a pretty penny at a total of $351. The basic 24-pack is $78. You can get salted caramel, rose, or cotton candy flavors, with matching ivory, pink, and light blue colors respectively.