Food connoisseurs, rejoice. If you love exploring new cuisines, posting drool-worthy dessert pics on social media, and sharing the inside scoop about hidden food gems in your college town, you just might be a great fit for Grubhub Campus Tastemakers! It’s totally free to join, and open to all college students! Once you’re in, you’ll even have a chance to connect with fellow food lovers who know the value of an amazing meal. Here are five delicious perks you’ll get when you become a Grubhub Campus Tastemaker today:  

1. Get rewarded for your great taste

Who doesn’t love a good reward? Whether you’re grabbing takeout from your go-to spot, sharing food inspo on your Instagram feed, or hosting a virtual dinner party in your dorm, you deserve to be rewarded for your excellent taste. As a Grubhub Campus Tastemaker, you’ll have access to monthly giveaways and prizes (did someone say gift cards?!).

2. Score great deals

Does anyone else miss socializing in the student union and enjoying free pizza during the big game? Honestly, I do. One of the greatest perks about being a college student, by far, is scoring great deals on food. Just for signing up to be a Grubhub Campus Tastemaker, you’ll automatically get $10 off your next Grubhub order of $12+! Plus, you can score more perks and deals each month so that you can enjoy your favorite meals without breaking the bank.

3. You can meet new friends

There’s no better way to bring people together than through a common love for food. When you become a Grubhub Campus Tastemaker, you’ll have the chance to connect with fellow food-loving students just like you. You can swap ideas, share your favorite meals, and engage in (healthy) debates about whether pineapple does or does not belong on pizza. 

4. A chance to engage with your local food community

Chances are, there are tons of mouth-watering food options in your neighborhood, including places you might not even know about yet! By joining Grubhub Campus Tastemakers, you’ll have the one-of-a-kind opportunity to explore and engage with your local food scene and stay up-to-date about the latest happenings in your community.

5. You can make your voice heard

Not only does Grubhub Campus Tastemakers offer delicious perks for food lovers, but the program also gives you a chance to make your voice heard. As a Campus Tastemaker, you’ll be first in line to chat with Grubhub and give them the inside scoop on all things food, local eats, and more. Through surveys and discussions, you can share your honest feedback with Grubhub to make everyone’s foodie experience that much more cooler — plus score fun rewards in the process.

PSA: If you’re the food lover in your friend group who everyone asks for advice about the ideal places to eat around town, apply today to become a Grubhub Campus Tastemaker! It’s free and open to all college students with a passion for food. Plus, you’ll be rewarded just for joining — enjoy access to exclusive gifts, perks, and a community of like-minded foodies. Learn more here and join Grubhub Campus Tastemakers today!